10 Beach Umbrella Design Ideas You May Have in Summer 2023

 10 Beach Umbrella Design Ideas You May Have in Summer 2023

Passionate about everything that is closely or remotely related to the sea, I have spent all my life, or almost, by the sea. As a child, I remember spending all summer vacations by the sea with my friends.

However, with age, I am more aware of the dangers of exposure to UV rays and the sun. Direct exposure to the sun, but no question of leaving the sand!

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The best solution for sea lovers is of course the beach umbrella, which is simple but effective. I know it is not easy to choose the best beach umbrella design.

Above all, you should not choose one at random. It is your health and that of your family that is at stake. That is why I have toured the market and selected the beach umbrella design for you.


Beach Umbrella Design Ideas for the first is SportBrella. With a unique and different design from other standard umbrellas, this Sport-Brella model will not only serve to protect you from the sun but can also be used as a tent for other activities.

To ensure full coverage against rain and wind, it includes side fins that extend down to the sand that you can secure with stakes and mooring cables.

Side windows help ventilate and keep the environment cool. It is quick and easy to install and will fit two or more people. It’s made with high-quality, water-repellent materials to keep you protected if it starts to rain, plus it provides UPF UV 50+ protection against harmful rays.

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Umbrella 240

This model is included that you should consider for your beach kit. You can have the whole family; you have shade and protection from the sun, even on the hottest days.

It has UPF 100+ UV protection, which is more than good. It also has an adjustable tilt, so you always have shade and can be comfortable.

Thanks to its light and rust-free aluminum pole and strong fiberglass poles, it is very resistant to protect you for a few seasons. Its anchor is a spiral, which keeps the umbrella safe in the sand.

Windproof vents keep you from flying off. It is easy to transport thanks to its included carrying case.

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Neso Tents Beach Tent

Neso Tents Beach Tent was created to be different from a conventional umbrella; this option stands out for creating a tent for the sun which allows you to create a large area of shade.

Measuring 2.1 x 2.1 meters, setting up this tent is very simple because all you have to do is place the anchors in the sand and set up the structure and the cover.

In addition, its weight of fewer than 2 kilograms makes it a very portable option. You can adapt it to any space, so it also serves as an awning for a hammock to relax on the beach.

Another very important feature is its quality, which is backed, first of all, by its flexible rods. The cover is made of the highest quality nylon and lycra, with reinforced corners and waterproof and sun protection.

This will guarantee its durability and resistance.

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Crevi 8888

The next Beach Umbrella Design Ideas is Crevi 8888. It is essential if we want to provide shade and shelter for your family.

This model has a spiral anchoring system with folding handles that help you place the umbrella in the sand. This system is easy to use and can help the umbrella stay upright all day, even in windy conditions.

They have a sturdy aluminum pole which you can include to move the top of the umbrella as the sun moves. It is made of durable polyester fabric with UPF 100+ UV protection. It comes with a matching carrying bag so you can travel with it or store it easily.

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Sand Anchor

This popular and excellent Tommy Bahama model cannot be overlooked for a perfect day at the beach. It has a design that provides enough shade for all your companions.

The post is made of lightweight aluminum with fiberglass poles for better strength.

It has a very useful tilt mechanism so you have shade throughout the day, with UPF UV 50+ protection, in addition to the ventilation on the top that helps keep it safe in windy conditions.

It is very easy to anchor and need in the sand. You can use it on the beach or in any outdoor activity.

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Sekey Umbrella

The hot summer sun is not a barrier for you from enjoying the good weather on the beach or patio of your house. This type of umbrella is low maintenance, very practical, lightweight, and easy to transport and store. It has 8 rods to support the fabric and a sturdy steel pole.

It can be tilted to either side to get the desired shade or you can adjust its height to suit more people. The fabric is polyester with UV25 + sun protection; it also has air vents so that you can use it on the beach or on your patio.

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Vounot Rectangular Umbrella

For those looking for a large, almost huge shady area, this beach umbrella design is for them. And it is that its rectangular design allows for a much wider coverage area since it incorporates two umbrellas joined by a large rectangular space in the center.

According to the manufacturer, the area that this umbrella manages to cover is 460 x 270 cm, which is very wide compared to other options that only cover 250 cm or less. In addition, we can easily regulate its height by using a crank which allows this umbrella to be raised and lowered.

You can even use it on your folding table for the beach for its large shaded area.

Its construction is designed under the principles of solidity, stability, and resistance since it has a central aluminum mast with a diameter of 48 mm. The umbrellas are made of synthetic materials resistant to sun and rain, as well as having 12 ribs which provide much more resistance.

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Lolahome beach umbrella 220 cm with support

Protect yourself from the sun with this Lola Home umbrella, with more than 2 meters in diameter (although you also have it available in other sizes: 180 cm and 200 cm) and designed in nylon to soften the high summer temperatures a bit.

It also has an anti-UPF +50 treatment that will act as a filter against the sun’s harmful rays.

The mast is white and is made of steel and allows inclination. It is a large and cheap umbrella but it is not strong enough to withstand too much wind on the beach according to the opinions of the clients.

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Crevicosta Sailor umbrella 2 meters

This model of the Crevicosta is the next Beach Umbrella Design idea. the Crevicosta brand is also one of our favorites for its quality price, it is made of aluminum and the mast comes with a spiral to help to screw, so it will be easier for you to install it on the beach, the rods are made of fiberglass.

Glass, elastic and resistant, you can tilt it to achieve the largest area of shade, and to top it off it has UPF100 + sun protection.

The fabric is oxford weave, a blend of cotton and polyester. It includes a cover and the weight of the umbrella is 1.4 Kg. The price is somewhat higher than the average but this is rewarded in quality and resistance.

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Sunphio Large Beach Umbrella

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For those looking for a versatile and quality umbrella, this option is for you. The first thing you should know is that it has unique features such as its ability to tilt 360 °, as well as its telescopic pole to customize the position and inclination of the umbrella.

Designed to be very resistant, this umbrella has a solid shaft that includes a shaft to regulate its inclination. As for the umbrella, it has an internal structure of anti-glare carbon fiber ribs, As well as it is made up of a 4-layer cover which ensures its resistance and total protection against the sun’s rays.

As if that were not enough, it includes two anchors for sand which ensures its stability.

In addition, this umbrella comes with a bag for easy transport. That is why this umbrella should go with your essentials to take to the beach.

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