Where to Find COVID Information For Travel

 Where to Find COVID Information For Travel

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Where to find COVID information for Travel – The pandemic has turned our lives upside down. From having to change the way we socialize with each other, to having to cancel our travel plans continuously.

However, things are returning to a new normal, and we are learning how to deal with and adjust to constantly changing policies.

But it can be challenging to find accurate sources of information, especially when this subject has fallen victim to misinformation and misconceptions.

So here, we will discuss accurate sources of where to find COVID information for travel.

Where to Find COVID Information For Traveling
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Government Websites

Every country has its own guidelines because we are all in different stages of infection. While some are coming out of their waves, others are just entering theirs.

Especially with some people not getting vaccinated and the emergence of new variants.

Therefore, you can easily find COVID travel information on the official government website for your particular country.

Basically, it is safe to trust a website that ends with ‘.gov’.

Every country has to come up with its own policies to deal with its own situations.

However, wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing is the bare minimum you can expect from any destination when you consider travel plans—this and hand sanitization as well as regular hand washing.

Airline Websites

Different airlines are seen following different policies and protocols. If you are considering traveling, be sure to check out the airline’s website to understand the procedures you will need to follow.

Policies also differ for the nature of the travel – the restrictions on domestic flights may not be as harsh as on international flights.

The requirements may also differ – for example; some areas now require vaccination for entry (primarily when considering international flights). In contrast, domestic travel in certain areas may not require mandatory vaccination but require the mandatory COVID PCR test.


The CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is also an accurate source of information when it comes to information about travel.

They propose that safer methods of travel are:

  • Short road trips with members of your household or fully vaccinated people with the least amount of stops
  • Take flights with the fewest stops or layovers

Then, the less safe methods are:

  • Longer trips by car or RV with several stops
  • Trips by car or RV with people who are not vaccinated or not from your household
  • Flights with layovers

Finally, they feel that you should avoid:

  • Long-distance train or bus trips
  • Traveling on a cruise ship or riverboat


The World Health Organization is also an accurate source of information. They have been in charge of coming up with the policies for most international travel and issuing warnings when they feel the situation may lose control.

However, they have given leeway to countries for making their own policies. But, it would be a good idea to check out WHO’s travel guidelines if you want to travel as safely as possible.

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