Tips For Traveling With Just Hand Luggage

 Tips For Traveling With Just Hand Luggage

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Tips For Traveling With Just Hand Luggage – Do you want to spend the least amount of money on your traveling expenses? Try traveling with just your hand luggage! This way, you don’t have to pay for luggage charges, and you can be relatively weight-free!

Another hassle is when your airline loses your bags – this is not a problem here! If you’re interested, read on for we discuss four tips for traveling with just hand luggage.

Tips For Traveling With Just Hand Luggage
Photo by Timur Weber

1. Hand Luggage Limits

When you’re packing for your trip, an important thing to note is the hand luggage limit of your chosen airline.

This is vital information, as this ultimately decides the items you choose to pack for your trip. The size and weight restrictions will determine the important things, and you can discard that sixth black t-shirt.

If you overpack, you will have to check your bags in as stated by the airline policy – so better safe than sorry.

2. Dress Accordingly

Tips For Traveling With Just Hand Luggage dress
Photo by Timur Weber

The clothing you pack should be able to be worn multiple times, and this includes packing clothing that goes with your other articles of clothing.

Packing simple and neutral colors and clothes will help you match them more easily. You can make do with one good dress and one pair of shoes, instead of needing multiple unnecessarily.

You can also do laundry when you reach your destination, so you don’t need to worry about getting your clothes dirty and not wearing them again.

Another easy way to save up on storage space is to dress in layers. If you layer on some of your clothes, they won’t take up space in your hand luggage bags.

3. Liquid Check

Liquids can end up taking a lot of traveling space – so instead, carry mini versions. Travel-size shampoo and other products can be taken instead of big bottles.

You can also get refillable bottles, so you can buy the refills at your destination and save up on space that way.

Another way of saving up space on liquids is to get alternative products that aren’t liquid, such as bar soap.

4. Get Into Those Crevices

Getting your items stuffed into the hand luggage is the main goal, so get into those crevices. Clothing would take up the most space – so pack that in first.

Next in line are smaller items, which can get into those tiny corners of the bag. The stuff you need to take out the most can be at the top, so you have ease of access.

Why let the shoes and socks take up space separately when you can just fit the socks inside the shoes? It is creative thinking like this that will help get the packing done.

An easy way to save up on space is to get yourself some packing cubes, which help fit all those items into compact sizes. Also, don’t forget to layer on those sweaters or jackets!

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