Tips For Travel To Lombok, East of Bali

 Tips For Travel To Lombok, East of Bali

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Tips For Travel To Lombok – Lombok is a small island east of Bali that is less well-known than its neighbor. While millions of tourists flock to Bali each year, many areas on Lombok remain undiscovered. Mass tourism is still unheard of here.

Lombok has several empty and frequently deserted dream beaches, as well as pleasant and intriguing people, delicious food, and spectacular scenery.

Tips For Travel To Lombok, East of Bali
Photo by Dimitri Dim

Hotel Tips

Lombok is a pretty large island with an almost limitless number of places to stay. Whether you’re looking for a place to stay in southern Kuta, the capital Mataram, or the tourist hotspot of Senggigi on the west coast, Lombok has a wide choice of options.

We highly recommend a stay in Senggigi and its environs. The Qunci Villas, which is located on a remote, calm beach, is a fantastic hotel. A short taxi or scooter ride will take you to the heart of Senggigi. However, there are restaurants and shops close to the Qunci Villas.

Mosques & Hindu Temples

Unlike Bali, Lombok and the rest of Indonesia are predominantly Muslim. As a result, mosques can be seen and heard all over the place. If you arrange your lodging ahead of time, you should check to see if it is close to a mosque. It may get very boisterous during Ramadan.

Pura Meru, Pura Lingsar, Pura Narmada, and Pura Batu Bolong are dedicated to the Balinese minority in Lombok. Pura Gunung Sari, north of Mataram, and Pura Suranadi are two authentic insiders’ tips.

The majority of them are in and around Mataram/Cakranegara or Senggigi in the western part of the island.

Check Out Mawun Beach

This beach, with its silky white sand and blue sea, is still primarily desolate depending on the weekday and time of day. Over here, the waves may be relatively strong at times.

The beach is private and located west of Kuta in a nearly enclosed inlet that is easily accessible by scooter.

Stay At Senggigi

Because of the abundance of hotels in Senggigi, the majority of tourists arrive here. It’s also perfect for eating or going out at night. Senggigi Beach is one of the most famous surf areas for both locals and tourists.

Vendors and locals aren’t aggressive at this beach, and you may strike up a friendly conversation if you like.

Travel To The Gili islands

Travel To The Gili islands
Photo by Stijn Dijkstra

Gili Trawangan, the main island, Gili Meno, and Gili Air are three beautiful islands that are only 20 minutes away by boat from Lombok.

Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular on the Gilis, but they are also famous for relaxing, swimming, and partying. Gili Trawangan is a popular destination for backpackers and tourists. The lively reggae-ganja-magic-mushroom-vibe may be felt here. The Gili Islands must be visited!

On a day excursion from Lombok, you may also snorkel in the Gilis to see the colorful underwater world. You might even be able to see turtles if you’re lucky.

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