Tips For Travel To Japan

 Tips For Travel To Japan

Tips For Travel To Japan – Japan is a beautiful place – full of rich culture, beautiful scenery, amazing food and people, and much more. Home to amazing video games, anime, manga, and historical pieces of literature.

Who wouldn’t want to visit this magical place, full of mystery and an experience to remember?

However, as a traveler, you should be aware of certain things when visiting this place. So, here are some tips for when you travel to Japan.

Tips For Travel To Japan
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Public Smoking Is Not An Option

Smoking out in public areas is banned and considered an extremely disrespectful offense in Japan.

Some indoor places allow smoking, as well as specific smoking areas which are designated. Remember – do not smoke in areas that do not specify it!

Public Transport

An easy way to navigate through Japan is to avail the public transport system for easy access to the different parts of the country that you may want to explore.

For trips within the city, it could be beneficial to get an IC card to get discounts on your total fare, which is calculated based on the journey’s length.

This card can have many other uses – in vending machines, convenience stores, arcades, and more!

Make Sure Not To Litter

Japan is one of those places where littering is practically non-existent. You will not find a single piece of garbage on the streets, and ironically you won’t find that many garbage cans either.

If you’re struggling to find a place to throw your trash – keep it with you. Put it in a bag or carry it around till you can find a trashcan somewhere to throw it.
Bowing Is Polite

The people of Japan are known for their polite and respectful culture – one essential part of this culture is bowing whenever you meet someone new, bow!

There are a few different ways you can bow, but they understand that tourists aren’t super familiar with the methods.

Tipping Is Rude

That’s right – you cannot give tips in Japan. This can go against what we’re taught, but this is the norm in Japan.

If you do tip, it is considered very rude! So hold onto your instincts and refrain from tipping!

Shop Til You Drop

Japan is a place where you can get unique shopping items and souvenirs, so it would be good to take advantage of this and get some adorable things on your trip!

These could be for you, gifts for your friends and family – really anything. The possibilities are endless, and so is the variety of unique things that you can find.

Do Not Eat Outside

Another thing considered impolite is eating outdoors – people there do not prefer eating outside.

You can eat indoors, like inside the stores or restaurants.

This can also be associated with the lack of littering – since people don’t eat outside, they don’t throw things on the streets.

Do Not Take Pictures Of People

The importance of consent probably doesn’t need to be explained. It is unethical to take pictures of anyone you don’t know – especially without permission.
Japan is no exception. It is considered extremely impolite to take pictures of other people.

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